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Entrepreneurs, small business owners, sales professionals, coaches, consultants... Get the breakthroughts, aha's, epiphanies & insights that will fire up your mojo (passion & profit) and catapult your income quickly & easily without you sacrificing your life in the process. 

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Get Rid of the Limiting Beliefs Keeping YOU Stuck, Stalled and Sitting Behind (Hiding Behind) Your Computer Waiting for Someone OR Something Wonderful To Step Out of the Darkness And Change Your Life! 

Discover How to Easily Create an ALL NEW, Super Powerful, Unstoppable BELIEF IN YOU So You Can Get MORE Of What You Want Now... MORE MONEY, MORE FUN, MORE FREEDOM!


  • Get the tools you need to get out of your own way...and double, triple and quadruple your income (or more!!) 
  • Gain the confidence and certainty to achieve goals beyond your wildest dreams 
  • Get the leverage that will enable you to CRUSH your excuses... 
  • Discover the secret to easy, effortless and natural super success 
  • Make your "TEN" your reality... 
  • Eliminate the fear, doubt and self-sabotage that is holding your future hostage

We are going to cut through the crap and get to the heart of what matters most... 

  • YOU getting NEW MINDSET REVELATIONS that will fire up your mojo and unleash your passion, power, purpose & profits.
  • Plus I’ll be sharing my easy 7 Steps to GET YOUR ROAR ON System for achieving results that rock now.


  • Where am I blocked, stuck, getting the same results over and over?
  • How can I stop myself from getting so caught up in and paralyzed by perfection? 
  • How do I get rid of scarcity, lack and fear thinking once and for all?
  • Where in my life am I letting fear stop me? 
  • Where am I hiding my light?
  • Where am I tolerating, settling for or putting up with?

Join us on the webinar and get a MINDSET RESET... BOOM BOOM BOOM! 

ROARING Fans Comments:

"Kathy is the rocket fuel for your rocket. All you need to do is point your rocket in the right direction, that would be up and she will get you there!” Debbie Hemingway 

"I got the tools I needed to get out of m own way, I quadrupled my income in 9 months!" Peggy Hughes

"It’s the New Me… Thanks for my makeover Kathy Eppley!" Eric Marin Johnson 

"I have made some quantum leaps already, in my business and my personal life" Danielle Lazier

 “I added $200,000 to my income in the first six months of working with Kathy, but I also now have more balance and fun in my life and business than ever before.” Laura MacDonald

Kathy Eppley...Speaker, Writer, Business & Life Design Coach 

Intuitive Business & Life Design Coach and Dynamic Speaker, Kathy helps entrepreneurs and solo-professionals break through barriers to financial and personal success. 

An expert at cutting straight through to the heart of any challenge, her intuitive insights create quantum leaps in revenue, productivity and profits. 

Kathy offers a breath of fresh air in her approach. She gives her Clients hope, inspiration, motivation and the tools to empower them to get results that are literally astounding through her private coaching, consulting, group programs, VIP Intensives and workshops.

Kathy Eppley | Speaker, Writer, Business & Life Design Coach Founder of the Get Your ROAR On Movement

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