Overheard this comment at dinner at one of my private coaching retreats, one client asking another why she was working with me. She summed up her answer this way, “Bottom line, it’s not her first rodeo, if you know what I mean.” Loved hearing that and yes, it’s true, it’s not my first rodeo, if you know what I mean.

So here’s who I am, what I’m about and what I believe… First off I have had the privilege of getting to do what I love for well over a decade, wow, didn’t realize it has been that long. I get to get up every morning and inspire, empower and uplift other people, that’s what I’m all about.

It’s my passion, helping other people step into their greatness, find their voice and make an impact on the world, starting with their own world first. Helping them realize that they can do, be, have anything they want. And that what they want can happen now, in what I like to call “the twinkling of an eye” your life can change, mine did.

Grew up in a small town, I did and loved it. Was a teacher, loved the students but knew there was something else I was being called to do. Got into real estate, spent over twenty years in sales and marketing actually, but I again was being called for something else. So I kept searching for the answers that would give me what I wanted, the freedom to be me.

I went from one workshop to another, read, studied and invested heavily in many coaching programs, etc. And then finally in one light bulb moment I got it, nothing has been the same since. In that moment I found my voice, and made a decision to share my message and help other people do the same, become the greatest version of their authentic selves. I call it living with more juice, jazz and wow (passion, profit and fun).

Created a proprietary no fail system, S.O.A.R., Secrets of Astounding Results, that put all the pieces of the what it takes to succeed puzzle together, and that has enabled me to help many, many clients achieve astounding results quickly, without overwhelm. Astound yourself, don’t settle for, tolerate or put up with, stretch, play full-out, dream a big dream and get big, big, big results, roar to soar baby that’s what I’m about.

I still teach, love to share my stories and metaphors, born out of lots of years behind me, lots of tears and cheers too, and tragedy and triumph. I have been so blessed to work with the most amazingly wonderful clients who I adore and I love seeing them step into their greatness.

And here is what I know for sure; the best is yet to come, for me and you…

“I’ll spread my wings and I’ll learn how to fly; I’ll do what it takes til’ I touch the sky; And I’ll make a wish;
Take a chance; Make a change; And breakaway.” Kelly Clarkson, Breakaway
Hope we meet someday, would love to see you at one of my events or help you personally breakthrough and break free.